Hello, hello, and hey, there! I’m Genesis.

Welcome to a little spot on the internet for tips, stories, and tricks on jiujitsu and plant based noms. Hey there, Genesis (HTG) was created to share ways to thrive as an athlete on a plant based diet, help other beginners to jiujitsu learn that getting started doesn’t have to be scary , plus, give seasoned veterans a chuckle as I stumble through the sport. 🙂

If you like grappling, eating plants, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we’ll be best of friends! I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn about jiujitsu and plant based living, all with a side of dry humor and personal insight.

Growing up, I dealt with childhood obesity, hitting my highest weight of 189lb at just 11 years old. Not only did I have a multitude of health issues, but I was extremely withdrawn and self-conscious. I lost 62lb in my mid-teens through crash dieting and obsessive calorie counting.

Fast forward to a few years of rigorously training for several bikini fitness competitions, I was burnt out, discouraged, and unhealthy. Despite my hard work, I placed poorly at my shows and fell back into disordered eating habits. After way too many dinners of  dry boiled chicken, egg whites , and sugar free ketchup on prep, I quit eating animal products in November of 2016. Jiujitsu came to me after sitting in my car in my academy’s parking lot, unable to drag myself to the nearby gym any longer. In an uncharacteristically spontaneous move, I marched right in and decided to join in March of 2017. I knew NOTHING about the sport, but my gut told me to dive right in. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m excited to share the journey with you. Come along and enjoy the ride!